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Know more about the manual of good practices of Solares de Portugal
Know more about the specifications and requierments of the service - ERS 3001

Historic Housing Tourism was recognized along this last three decades as being an important contributory to the development of the rural regions tourism, and a decisive factor to increase the needs of a co-operative organization (TURIHAB) to defend the common interests of the owners and the guests.
TURIHAB CertificationThe major objective in mind when TURIHAB was first formed was for the preservation of the region's magnificent manor houses and country homes (Agro-tourism and Rural Tourism) its traditions and culture .Whoever, the board Owners Association, very quick realized the needs of supervising the quality of the accommodations and to promote a brand for the Portuguese Manor Houses the Solares de Portugal.
The brand Solares de Portugal and TURIHAB received during the last 35 years several distinctions from Governmental and Public Organizations as well as from European Tourism and Environmental Institutions, such as, the Prize of the European Year of Tourism, the Gold Medal of Tourism Merit, and the European Tourism and Environment Prize, and the honorable mention “Architectural Heritage. It received European Commission mention, “Towards Quality Rural Tourism – Integrated Quality Management of Rural Tourist destination”, it received from the Association of Tourism Journalists, the prize of Tourism Personality, and the Federation of European Journalists Prize, for its European Web Project - “Europe of Traditions”.
To implement the quality standardization of the supplied services, TURIHAB and CENTER (the rural tourism central booking) were certified, with the ISO9001:2008 and the Solares de Portugal network With the ERS3001:TH/TER underlines our total commitment to implementing the strict regulations demanding by the Portuguese Govern, for the tourism country accommodation, and reinforces our determination to maintain and continually improving our services that merit the certification "Marca Portugal" given by the AICEP-The Portuguese Business Development Agency for Investment and Trade.

To achieve and guarantee the quality offered is the result of more than 30 years of effort, TURIHAB, its partners and, most of all, the owners of Solares de Portugal, without whom it would not be possible to create a national system of this nature and size. This commitment to providing high quality accommodation in distinctive family properties is reflected at the European Union level through the network “Europe of Traditions” and in the South American Mercosul countries with the "Fazendas do Brasil".