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How to be member of TURIHAB

The contract established between TURIHAB and the associated Houses is an agreement of mutual cooperation, constituting a strategic partnership destined to insure the sharing of information, the promotion and commercialization of the tourism product – Solares de Portugal or Casas no Campo.

The contract between the associate and TURIHAB is based on the presentation of a proposal of candidacy through which is effected the request for admission, and which competency of administration is evaluated by this association.


How to be member of TURIHAB
Obligations of TURIHAB


  • 1  Promote in an effective form the offer provided by its associates
  • 2  Produce a Brochure which consists of all of its associates
  • 3  Include all the associated Houses in the websites of the Association
  • 4  Watch over the interests of its Associates, formalize contracts and protocols that energize the work of the Houses and defend their commercial and institutional interests
  • 5  Provide all the explanations to the Houses, assisting them in resolving divers problems, namely in the legal courts, or guide the House towards a competent person to assist in resolving the problems, when the Association lacks the capacity to do so
  • 6  Comply with all obligations constituted by the statutes, as well as all of the resolutions of the General Assembly
  • 7  Include all the associated Houses in CENTER – National Central of Tourism in Rural Spaces


Obligations of the Houses


  • 1  Respect the statutes of the Association and deliberations of the General Assembly and the Management
  • 2  Fulfil all the obligations reported in the legislation of sector TER
  • 3  Fulfil all the specifications required of the service reported in the references of the certification NP4494:2010 contents of the Manual of Service
  • 4  Pay in advance the Annual Quota (until April 30th, each year)
  • 5  Communicate to the Association any alterations of the dates reported in the Dossier of Candidacy
  • 6  Respect the price list established in the General, and the contracts effected by the Association through CENTER – National Center of Tourism in Rural Space
  • 7  Communicate in useful time to Reserve Central the date in which the House is completely booked for direct reservations


Asking for the dismissal of an associate of TURIHAB will have to be effected with a minimum period of a year in advance.
During the period understood between the date of request of resignation and the effective expiration date of the (See point 3 – Obligations of the Partners):

  • □ The Obligations of TURIHAB – obligations cease relative to points 1,2, & 3 and remain the current business of the House, referring to points 4,5,6, & 7
  • □ Obligations of the House –all the obligations remain until the end of the dismissal term


There exists, subjacent to the creation of the Solares de Portugal and Casas no Campo networks, a spirit of partnership between associates, which translates as:

  • □ Lending incentive of solidarity between all the Houses that adhere to the project
  • □ Lending a potential synergy and complementariness which exists in the offer of services and activities of the Houses
  • □ Promoting cooperation between the associates and the creation of integrated package offers
  • □ Activating a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences that permits continual improvement of the Solares de Portugal and Casas no Campo offer, to which every House can adapt
  • □ Permitting a more effective interface with regional and local economic agents which integrate the Houses with benefits for both parts

For more Information please contact direccao@turihab.pt or tel +351 258 741 672