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TURIHAB - Historic Housing Tourism Association

TURIHAB Statutes
  1. TURIHAB – Historic Housing Tourism Association, is a non-profit association.
  2. TURIHAB has its headquarter in Praça da República, Ponte de Lima, Portugal.
  3. TURIHAB has the following objectives:
    • 1.1  To give support to all the members registered in Directorate-General for Tourism, in the modalities of Historic Housing Tourism, Agro-Turism and Turismo Rural;
    • 1.2  To develop public relations with other entities;
    • 1.3  To promote educational visits, conferences, seminars, and other similar activities;
    • 1.4  To develop promotion and marketing of the touristic product, indoors and outdoors;
    • 1.5  To participate and to represent Historic Housing Tourism in official meetings, tourism fairs and other occurrences;
    • 1.6  To create instruments of promotion, like brochures, maps, videos and slides;
    • 1.7  To establish conditions, prices, services and quality standards;
    • 1.8  To maintain and to keep operate a Booking Center.
  4. TURIHAB is composed by three social organisms. They are:
    • a)  General Assembly;
    • b)  Direção;
    • c)  Fiscal Council;
    • c)  Consultive Council;
    A – General Assembly
    • General Assembly is composed by all 100 TURIHAB members.
    • General Assembly comprises one President, one Vice-President and one Secretary. Each House is one vote represented by the owner or by his delegate.
    • General Assembly has absolute power in the Association and her deliberations are supreme.
    • General Assembly meetings are regular and exceptional:
      • Regular:
      • – Until the end of March, of each year, to appreciate, to discuss and to vote the Report and Accounts of the Direcção;
      • – Until the end of December, of each year, to appreciate, to discuss and to vote the Budget and Plan of Activities;
      • – Once in two years, to elect the Direcção, Fiscal Council and General Assembly representatives.
      • Exceptional:
      • – By Direcção or Fiscal Council request;
      • – By request of a minimum of 20% of the total members.
    General Assembly competencies are:
    • – Electing and dismissing the administrative members that composed the Direcção, Fiscal Council and General Assembly;
    • – Appreciating and voting, annually, the Report Account and the Plan of Activities or the next year;
    • – Modifying the rules, approving and changing the Association Regulation;
    • – Deliberating upon questions concerning these statutes;
    • – Appreciating and determining the resolutions of the Direção;
    • – Deciding about the fusion or dissolution of the association;
    • – Until the end of December, of each year, to appreciate, to discuss and to vote the Budget and Plan of Activities;
    • – Deliberating about the amount of the admission fee, annual subscription and other contributions for the Association;
    • – Authorizing to raise a loan or to acquire real estate, under Direção proposal;
    • – Appreciating and deliberating about all subjects, presented by the members, by Direcção and by Fiscal Council;
    • – Appreciating and approving development projects;
    • – Approving the compositions and working of special committee.
    B – Direção
    • Direção comprises one President, one Vice-President, one Treasurer, one Secretary and one Voter.
    Direção competencies are:
    • Managing and coordinating the activities of the Association in order to realize all their objectives;
    • Executing and making executed the internal rules and general Assembly deliberations;
    • Admitting and declining admission requests for being TURIHAB member;
    • Representing the Association or appointing someone to represent it;
    • Submitting to approval the subjects of the General Assembly sphere of action;
    • Providing the actualization and exactness of the Association accounting, as also as the registries of reservations, stays and contracts signed under the aegis of the Association;
    • Proposing to the General Assembly the admission fee, annual subscription and other tax, regular or casual, obligatory to the members;
    • Proposing to the General Assembly the constitution of special committee.
    C – Fiscal Council
    • Fiscal Council is constituted by the following members:
      • President
      • 2 voters
    • Fiscal Council meets, ordinarily, once per quarter, every time it’s President hold a meeting.
    • Fiscal Council competencies are:
      • • Inquiring, regularly, the Association accounting and applying for external auditor ship services in cases sentenced properly;
      • • Conferring, regularly, the amounts, cash account and bank deposit;
      • • Giving statements about questions proposed by the Direção;
      • • Presenting to General Assembly the report of its inspections and statements about the Report and Direção Accounts;
      • • Applying for a General Assembly meeting ever when it considers necessary;
      • • Assisting the Direção meetings, without the right to vote, when sentenced properly;
      • • Presenting to Direção suggestions with interest for the Association;
      • • To endeavor for the execution of the Association Statutes.
  5. Receipts of the Association are:
    • The admission fee, the annual subscriptions and the variable tax the members must pay;
    • From subsidies, donations and grants of any public or private entity;
    • Other non-specific profit, heritage and legacies, that can be attributed to the Association.
  6. TURIHAB adopted a symbol following described:
    • The Pheasant, simplicity
    • The Gold, justice
    • The Red, value
    • The Rose, beauty and secret
    • The Silver, friendliness
    • The Green, courtesy