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Chronology of TURIHAB – Historic Housing Tourism Association

TURIHAB Timeline
  • Foundation TURIHAB, based in Ponte de Lima.
  • Adoption of logo of TURIHAB: the Pheasant, simplicity; the Rose, beauty and mystery; Gold, justice; Red, valor; Green, courtesy
  • Agreement with RTAM (Alto-Minho Tourism)
  • Presentation of TURIHAB in the World Travel Market – London and the Gothenburg fair.
  • Presentation of TURIHAB in the Brussels Travel Fair and in Fitur - Madrid.
  • Presentation of TURIHAB in ITB – Berlin.
  • Constitution of the Association with national scope.
  • Presentation of TURIHAB in the Utrecht fair - (Nederland).
  • Prize of Europe of Tourism.
  • Founder Member of Adeturn.
  • Formation of Central Reservations.
  • Organization of the First Historic Housing Tourism National Meeting - creating a logo of Solares de Portugal.
  • Presentation of BTL and Norférias with its own booth Solares de Portugal.
  • Presentation of Solares de Portugal in BIT - Milan.
  • Member of City Council of Ponte de Lima.
  • Member of National Tourism Council.
  • Cooperation with ADRIL in organization of First National Meeting of Village of Traditions.
  • Constitution of Europe Consortium, Europa Traditionae Consortium, with its European partners, having been nominated Chairman of the consortium: Chateau Accueil, France; Wolsey Lodges, United Kingdom; The Hidden Ireland, Ireland; Erfgoed Logies, the Nederlands.
  • Protocol cooperation with Agriculture Bank (Caixa Agrícola) and Rural Insurance.
  • Signing of Protocol of Cooperation with ATUASERRA (Tourism Association of Northwest Serra) and SHRBS (Hotel, Restaurant, Bars, etc. Syndicate of Northwest Serra).
  • Signing of Protocol of Cooperation with SUTUR (Uruguay Society of Rural Tourism).
  • Protocol of Cooperation with the PRESERVALE (Institute of Preservation of Paraíba Valley Development).
  • Protocol of Cooperation with AMETUR (Association of Mining Businesses of Rural Tourism).
  • Protocol with ACETER (Cearense Tourism Association of Rural and Natural Space) and SETUR (Ceará State Tourism Secretary).
  • Protocol of Cooperation with AGATUR (Gaúcha Rural Tourism and Ecology).
  • Agreement with BES. Presentation of VIP Card of Solares de Portugal.
  • Protocol of Cooperation with AREALIMA (Regional Agency of Energy and Environment of Lima Valley).
  • Project CENTER (National Center of Rural Tourism).
  • Francisco de Calheiros, President of TURIHAB – Tourism Personality of the Year 1999, prize given by Portuguese Journalist Association of Tourism.
  • Presentation of the Jeromino Monastery of the web site of Europe of Traditions of the scope of the Common European Patrimony.
  • Signing of the Protocol with Redunicre for the promotion of Solares de Portugal.
  • Formation with ATA of CENTER (National Center of Tourism in Rural Spaces), for the commercialization and marketing of TER and the logo Solares de Portugal and Portugal Villages.
  • Presentation in Berlin to the European Council DG IV invitation, of the web site Europe of Traditions: “A Common European Patrimony” at the International Conference “Sustainable Tourism, Environment and Employment”.
  • Presentation of Solares de Portugal and Roadshow Brasil in ABAV 2000, S. Salvador da Baía.
  • Protocol with Blue Sky Travel for the promotion in the Czech Republic of Solares de Portugal.
  • Prestige Edition of the book Solares de Portugal together with Unibanco.
  • Protocol with VINITUR – Firms specializing in Cultural tourism, Gastronomy and Wines for the promotion of Eco-Tourism.
  • During BTL 2001, TURIHAB presented the project “Europe of Traditions – A Transatlantic Vision” to the Partners of Brazil, Preservale, Ametur and Aceter.
  • Protocol of Cooperation with Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture for the promotion of Portuguese Road to Santiago of Solares de Portugal.
  • Presentation of the Europe of Traditions web site "TheEconomy in Europe: its potential impact on EU enterprises and policies" in Brussels at the invitation of the President of the European Commission.
  • Cooperation with IFAT for the development of Help to the Investor.
  • Presentation of Solares de Portugal and the web site Europe of Traditions, in Recife and Fortaleza, in the Workshop of Rural Tourism.
  • Project of cooperation with the Western Countries (Germany, Slovenia; Hungry) –“Europe of Traditions - Ecos Overture”, together with the CCDR’N (Commission of Coordination of the North Region). Presentation of the web site www.europetraditions.net.
  • Solares de Portugal development of a new cd-rom and web site with partners of Traditional Europe www.europetraditions.com.
  • TURIHAB implementation of CENTER – National Central of Tourism in Rural Spaces, presented a new reservation system for all of the associated houses and a new web site www.center.pt and a register of the estates www.solares-de-portugal.com, www.turihab.pt.
  • Solares de Portugal Exposition in the Instituto Camões, Lisbon.
  • Organization of National Meeting of Turismo de Habitação.
  • Creation of the Merit Badge with three degrees: Gold Pheasant; Silver Pheasant and Bronze Pheasant.
  • Award of Gold Pheasant to the President of the Assembly, Dr. João Gomes de Abreu de Lima.
  • Awarding of the Silver Pheasant to the founding partners and the Bronze Pheasant to all the Permanent Partners.
  • TURIHAB together with RITMOS promoted International Musicians through Solares de Portugal.
  • TURIHAB presented the new web sites www.solaresdeportugal.pt, www.casasnocampo.net, www.center.pt; register of estates www.fazendasdobrasil.com, www.casasantigas.com, www.casasrusticas.net and www.europe-traditions.org.
  • The web sites www.europetraditions.com, www.europe-traditions.com and www.europe-traditions.net were renovated.
  • Participation in ABAV and Roadshow “Portugal Hot for Nature” in Brazil and in Seminars with Travel Agents in the USA.
  • Approval of the project PIQTUR for “Qualification of Solares de Portugal”;
  • Formation of a Technical Ecclesiastical Court for the discussion and approval of Reference Norms of TER produced in the area of the project PIQTUR n.º 117/DGT/03.
  • Celebration of Protocol between TURIHAB and ADRIL – Association of Integrated Development of Lima for the implementation of the project INTERREG IIIC “Europe of Traditions: a Point of Entry to Euro-regions”: (Province of Belluno, Udine Province, Venezia Province, Eco Plus, Amt der Niederosterreichischen Landesregierung, Zavod Za Turizen - Ljubljana, County Hall - Vas County and Galicia Committee).
  • Signing of Protocol with ISAI – Institute of Qualified Assistants and Interpreters;
  • Signing of Protocol with the Multitechnical Institute of Castelo Branco.
  • Conclusion of the project “Europa of Traditions: An Transatlantica Visão”; produced in the Final Seminary, a creation of reference norms for the constitution of the consortium Fazendas do Brasil, with the associated partners AMETUR of Minas Gerais State, PRESERVALE Rio de Janeiro State and ACETER Ceará State and observers of APETURR, Pernambuco State and APPAN, Mato Grosso do Sul State.
  • Participation in the publicity campaign “Portuguese without Frontiers”.
  • Participation in the official visit to Luxemburg accompanying retinue of His Excellency the President of Republic.
  • Participation in the Project Seminary INTERREG III C “Europe of Traditions: A bridge between Euro-regions” running in Ljubljana - Slovenia.
  • Participation in the Conference “Europe and Quality in the Urban Tourist Establishments and Historic Buildings of Rural Scope. European models running in Lugo, Spain.
  • Participation in World Tourism Forum – WTO - Bahia, Brazil.
  • Participation in the Luxury Travel Fair in USA.
  • Workshops held in the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego e Orange County, California, USA.
  • Certification of TURIHAB and CENTER, with the ISO9001:2000, www.center.pt.
  • Solares de Portugal network certificated with the ERS3001:TER and “Marca Portugal” – www.portuguesebrands.com.
  • Conclusion of the project INTERREG IIIC “Eurotrad: Europe of Traditions: a bridges between Euroregions” .Following the concept of Solares of Portugal, five new associations had been created in 2006 to be integrated in the Europe of Traditions. In Spain the association of Casas Grandes de Espania, in Italy, the association of Casa Della Tradizione, in Austria, the association of Tradition Österreich, in Slovenia, the association Hiše s Tradicijo and in Hungary, the association Magyar Vendégváró Ódon Házak Egyesület – Houses of Tradition. www.europetraditions.eu.
  • Developed the project of the Prestigious Book Solares de Portugal, the thematic itineraries “You arrive as a Guest you leave as a Friend” and “Discovery the best of Portugal”; the Road Map with the GPS coordinates – www.solaresdeportugal.pt.
  • TURIHAB was certified with ISO9001/2008.
  • TURIHAB integrates the Commission CT144, of the Portuguese Tourism Board, to develop the rules for Rural tourism quality certification.
  • Cooperation with Pazos da Galiza to promote together, their members.
  • Agreement with TAP for the promotion of Solares de Portugal trough the VICTORIA programme.
  • Creation of the brand CASAS NO CAMPO.
  • Ward from APCER for the work in the tourism certification.
  • Publication of the 1st Portuguese service supply requirements and characteristics for the rural tourism – NP4494:2010.
  • Presentation of the new website - www.casasnocampo.net
  • Award of the Portuguese Tourism Board for the project of Qualification of Solares de Portugal.
  • Certification of all members of TURIHAB (Solares de Portugal and Casas no Campos) with the NP4494:2010.
  • Conclusion of the project “Creation of equestrian tours” in cooperation with Turismo de Portugal and Turismo do Porto e Norte.
  • Development of the concept “Tourism in the country”.
  • TURIHAB completed the project SIAAC – "Solares de Portugal internationalization" for international promotion of Historic Housing Tourism and TER in Portugal.
  • A TURIHAB edited the book "SABERES & SABORES AVOENGOS – SOLARES DE PORTUGAL" which enjoys the authenticity seal earned by TURIHAB – Historic Housing Tourism Association, and is an invitation to a relaxing stay, a journey through history, a tour of heritage and the memory of the past, for future memory.