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THE CONCEPT AND NATURE OF TURIHAB - Historic Housing Tourism Association

Concept of TURIHAB
The first meeting of TURIHAB took place in Ponte de Lima, March 1983.

Historic Housing Tourism was recognized as being an important contributory factor to developed the tourism in the region: thus a need for a co-operative organization for common interests was seen.

The major objective in mind when TURIHAB was first formed was for the preservation of the region's magnificent manor houses and of its traditions and culture. The president of TURIHAB, Francisco de Calheiros, sees it as important to promote the spirit of the association, the "corporate identity" as is shown in his statement:

We are a big family, with common interests, and will benefit in the elimination of competition between us, and the maximum of cohesion and co-operation: concentrating upon projecting a quality image

TURIHAB is an association with more than 100 members. The second objective was to initially bring together these houses, which all have common interests. Thus benefiting avoids competition between them, with the maximum cohesion and co-operation. Therefore concentrate upon projecting a quality image.